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Customers provide valuable products and professional services

Guangzhou Guangju Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a

high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and manufacturing of various industrial electronic

metering equipments, providing a complete set of automation control and metering system solutions. The

company owns - . Professional technical personnel, and

is equipped with advanced production equipment,

establishes a sound quality system, and has been

recognized by the national metrology department for

production. The company is mainly engaged in electronitruck scales, explosion-proof electronic scales, explosion-proof platform scales, weighing modules, high-precision sensors, high-resolution weighing instruments and automated filling equipment, automated packaging

systems, automated checkweighing systems, and automated control systems. Products are used in petrochemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, cement

port and other industrial fields.

Since its establishment, the company has provided

product and technical support for many companies. Our customers are located in the Pearl River Delta and

Guangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, Shandong and other

provinces. We are convinced that the competition of

today's enterprises is the competition of product quality and the competition of after-sales service. Therefore, we believe that "quality is the life of the enterprise, and

service is the soul of the enterprise." We give you not only products, but also services. We firmly establish the idea that "customer is God" and implement tracking services for products sold. From the first time you contact us, you are our customer service, we will maintain our life for the products of our company. We have won the recognition of the industry and our customers with our tireless

pursuit spirit and conscientious work attitude.


 Success belongs to the past. We will never stop. We

shoulder the corporate convictions (always, keep our

promises, serve our customers, and contribute to

society). We will continue to protect your trust in us and continue to provide you with the best quality products.

and service. We sincerely hope to join hands with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad.

      We gather talents, talents, and talents to work hard

together for the company's tomorrow. What we are

pursuing: to be a national self-improvement brand;

      What we promise: to provide high quality products,

and to strive for excellence in every product:

      What we advocate: Customers provide valuable

products and professional services, provide a platform

for employees to realize their own value and life security, and provide partners with a stage to show their talents

and realize their dreams.